Dealing with substance abuse is difficult

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AI assistant application for people with drinking issues

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Science based AI Assistant

Sober One is more than just habit tracker or sobriety counter.

We studied up-to-date scientific models of behavioral changing and packed up into a single application.

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He had been drinking hard
for 12 years

“With Sober One I've learned to live my life so I don't need alcohol at all to face any problems and challenges. If might seem impossible, so did I three years ago. It is absolutely possible, the main thing is to start acting. Slowly, step by step, and everything will work out.”

Alexey Ezhikov
39 years, Executive coach

Get everything you need for success


Find and grow own motiffs

You have internal strength and resources to overcome addiction.

“This is actually motivating me to quit. There are a lot of interesting and intellectual points that really could resonate with people who are trying to cut down or quit alcohol. It's like you have a counselor and doctor by your side in a way. No medical advice or anything but insights that make me really want to go for it. Thanks for making this.”


Follow your goal, step by step

Sober One will provide structured action plan, just stick to it.

“I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to understand addiction behavior & learn some great new insights & strategies for success. It is not a sober day counter, it's more of a help & education toolbox.”


Quitting drinking is not easy

Share experience together and get answers and insights from Sober One's community.

“It was important for me to find out that there are other people with the same problem. It is cheering to know you are not alone. And if all those people are able to overcome the same things I can do it either. Having an alcohol problem is not something embarrassing since you are aimed to solve it.”

Anya, Musician

Effective for any stage

Sober One suits you, if you're at least one of these:
You are worried if you're drinking too much
Want to control or reduce consumption
Willing to take a break or quit
Already quit but afraid of relapse
Worried about your family or friends
“We don’t push anyone to quit. Everything is up to your decision.”
Marat Aghinyan MD
Psychiatrist, Founder of Sober One

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