The future of online addiction treatment

We believe that anyone can change

Sober One's mission is to change the opinion on addiction and addicts, to free them from social stigma. 

Our goal is to help millions of people around the world to overcome their addictions, become free and change their lives for the better. 

We look for up-to-date solutions to substance abuse problems, based on science and evidence-based medicine.

We are sure that anyone can change if they really want to. Addicts have the inner power to solve the problem. Sober One helps to discover these resources.

Our Team

Oleg Ovsyannikov
CEO/CTO, Founder
17 years of experience in advertising and digital product development. As COO of Yengo managed to grow it into an international ad-tech holding with $10M ARR.
Marat Aghinyan MD
President, founder
Over 18 years of psychiatric experience. 10,000+ patients served personally. Movie producer. Runs TV shows about mental health and works as a consultant.
Anna Fofanova
CMO, Co-founder
16 years in digital. Managed marketing and PR in the federal media holdings.As CMO successfully launched VR and AdTech products in international markets.
Everyone can change
Addicts have internal resources to solve their problems, even if they do not believe in it. Sober One gives a clear plan how to discover these abilities, train coping skills and get the control of their life back.
Sober One is available to everyone
Social status, profession, income or country do not matter. Every person is able to complete full rehabilitation through Sober One application online.
Sobriety by itself is not the goal
Staying sober is just a necessary condition to start changes in life. Sober One app helps to learn how to live differently, cope with any life situations and rebuild the lifestyle without alcohol or any other substance.
May the Science
be with you!
Our product is based on scientific knowlege, clinical studies and evidence-based methods. We offer science instead of misconceptions and methods with unproven efficacy.


the year our journey on the mission to help millions addicts started.
70+ installs
at the moment and is still growing.
of addicts will overcome their problem if they follow carefully all instructions in Sober One App.
NPS = 78
our users love the app and are eager to recommend it.
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